Season of Preparation

The theme song of the original Nintendo video game Tetris is stuck in my head.  I attempt to focus on something, anything else, to remove the repetitive and almost calming Dun, dunt dunt dun… but as my eyes lite on the mountain of boxes stacked three and four high, I just give up trying.  These twenty-two boxes represent weeks of planning and preparation.  The contents of these misshapen cubes hold what we can only assume will be the essentials in our new home, our new life.  Months long supplies of toiletries, sunscreen, bug spray are lost among stuffed animals, books, and clothing.  Christmas decorations are sharing space with kitchen supplies in a turbulent attempt to find that balance between bringing just enough and too much.  All of this based on a contrived notion of what we will need, what we will have, and what we will want. 

Our material inventory is not the only area of preparation.  Spiritually we find ourselves making lists, packing and unpacking the gravity of our answer to God’s call.  As we begin to start those final good byes, we lean heavy on our faith and our earnest confirmation of God’s work in our life.  We have seen the fruitfulness of spiritual preparation and found the presence of the Holy Spirit with us in this journey. More so, we see the results as God goes before us and prepares our way in the community and lives of Chicuque. The overwhelming support of friends and family bolsters our confidence and provides us peace.  The relationships we have built just since accepting this call have already made a live long change in the lives of us and those in Mozambique. But really, we are just now ready for the journey to begin.

Looking over our life until now, no one would be surprised that in 12 short hours we are boarding a plane and moving to one of the top ten poorest countries in the world.  We have been unknowingly groomed by loving families who led by example in the act of service with others.  We have grown together as husband and wife, mother and father, and McCormick Family in the service of God’s call in our lives.  Taking what we thought was just mundane and regular path through life and turning that purpose around to the full act of serving others, God has shown us our path. But, knowing this does not make it any easier to make the journey.

In our sharing of our place in God’s mission with local churches before leaving, we invited everyone to join us.  To be in prayer and support for us.  To come along side us as we take our leap of faith in Mozambique.  That time begins now.  The Lord has gone before us, preparing a space for us to serve and opening the hearts of those we will join in life and mission.  It is our turn, with your help and encouragement, to fall all-in to this adventure.  As we spend the next four days traveling, please lift us and our families up in prayers and thoughts.  Grace, Peace, and Love.