elizabeth McCormick, Pharm D

Having studied and worked as a pharmacist for many years prior to moving to Mozambique, Elizabeth brings a much needed skill to the Health Services. She is excited for the relationships she will forge and the chance to affect change in the life of the community.  Support Elizabeth's efforts of missionary service here SUPPORT ELIZABETH

David Mccormick

New to the field of Health Services, David has an extensive background in business and economics. It is his plan to leverage this knowledge and experience during his time as Director of Chicuque Rural Hospital.  Seeking sustainability and collaboration, he looks forward to the challenge of running the hospital. Support David's efforts of missionary service here SUPPORT DAVID

Chicuque rural hospital

Founded in 1913 to combat the increasing cases of Leprosy and Tuberculosis, Chicuque Hospital serves the community well.  Through decolonization and a decades long civil war, this Health Unit was a beacon of safety and hope bringing people from great distances for quality care. Currently the economic and political situation of Mozambique is taking a toll on the hospital and it's ability to serve. Support Chicuque Rural Hospital's operational budget here SUPPORT CHICUQUE